Post-Election Audits

In a time of increased scrutiny of election processes and attempts to diminish trust in national election outcomes, voters need assurance their ballots are counted the way they cast them. And more than ever election officials need practical tools and training to administer elections that are trustworthy and secure.

Post-election audits give your election office and your community confidence in the outcome of an election by detecting and correcting errors, improving processes, and deterring fraud. Whether you conduct traditional audits, risk-limiting audits which are recommended by the Presidential Commission on Election Administration (PCEA), or none at all, this series will set you on a path to boost public trust in your elections.

Over the 3 courses, this series will help you benchmark your current post-election audit practices, chart a plan for improvement, and explore the emerging standard of post-election audits recommended by the PCEA and a growing list of national experts.

101: Understanding Post-Election Audits

  • Know how post-election audits support trustworthy elections

  • Learn important audit terminology

  • Compare benefits and challenges of various types of post-election audits

201: Advancing Post-Election Audits

  • Recognize why risk-limiting audits are the emerging standard

  • Identify steps your office can take to advance your post-election audit procedures

  • Inform your community about post-election audits

301: Conducting Risk-Limiting Audits

  • Understand risk-limiting audit terms and methods

  • Apply concepts of a risk-limiting audit in your office

  • Navigate legislative, logistical, and technical requirements of risk-limiting audits

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