Cybersecurity for Election Officials

Data breaches, ransomware, and denial-of-service attacks are becoming regular headlines in America, but election officials are uniquely positioned on the front lines to help safeguard our democracy while ensuring that each vote counts.

With this in mind, the Center for Technology and Civic Life leads a 3-part online series where election officials gain new skills that empower them to manage cyber threats and communicate with the public about cybersecurity.

Each 90-minute online course includes instruction, interactive exercises, and Q&A discussions. CTCL provides comprehensive participant guides and video recordings of the courses for continued practice.

The cost is $50 per person, per course. You can take as many -- or as few -- courses as you like.

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Cybersecurity 101: Introduction

  • Understand complex cybersecurity terminology
  • Identify different types of cyber threats and responses
  • Create stronger login practices
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Cybersecurity 201: Intermediate 

  • Safeguard your election data
  • Apply cybersecurity framework to election systems
  • Develop partnerships to overcome security challenges
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Cybersecurity 301: Communications

  • Inform the public about your office’s cybersecurity leadership
  • Make a cyber incident response plan
  • Build media allies

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