Accessible Communication for Election Offices

In this course, you'll develop skills to make important civic information more accessible for people with disabilities. Learning principles of accessible communication benefits everyone in your community -- not just people with disabilities -- and learning to make civic information accessible can make you a more effective, thoughtful communicator and serve your community better.

Course objectives

After completing this course, you will:

  • Recognize why accessible communication is important

  • Understand how people with disabilities experience information online and in other media

  • Be familiar with principles of accessible communication (POUR)

  • Have actionable guidelines for making your materials more accessible

  • Know how plain language helps readers with and without disabilities

Which format is right for you?


Our 90-minute course provides an overview of challenges and principles associated with making civic information accessible.




Our 5-hour course provides an overview of principles of accessible communication and includes a work block in which participants will test their materials for accessibility and create revision plans with one-on-one support from CTCL instructors.

By taking the 5-hour course, you'll get to experiment with free accessibility testing software, and you can seek follow-up support from CTCL long after the course is over.

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