Create a new election website to keep citizens, candidates, and the media informed

Do you wish your election website were more user friendly? Do voters have trouble finding the information they're looking for? Is the process to update your website cumbersome? We can help.

Our election website template is built on research from the Center for Civic Design about how voters look for civic information online. It's mobile friendly and loads quickly -- even in areas without high-speed internet. Along with the template comes a training program to help you get your website off the ground. 

Inyo County, California uses the CTCL website template

Inyo County, California uses the CTCL website template

After completing our election website training, election offices like yours have seen the following results:

  • Better informed and more engaged voters
  • Fewer phone calls seeking information
  • Positive media stories about the election office

We will provide you with a proven voter information website template with a modern look and feel. To help you customize the template for your jurisdiction, you will receive training and a written curriculum that covers:

  • Website imperatives like voter communication and navigation best practices
  • Writing election information in plain language to make it easy for voters to understand
  • Publishing data in machine-readable and human-readable formats

Sign up for the election website training option that best fits your needs:

Have questions about the website template? Check out this helpful list of FAQs.