Professional development courses for election officials

Would you like to learn about technologies to strengthen your relationships with voters, office holders, and candidates? Do you have a community engagement goal you want to reach? We can help.

CTCL offers professional development courses to help election officials learn new tech skills. In addition to helping you master new tech, these courses give you the opportunity to meet new friends, to network, and to come together on common challenges of election administration. 

We currently offer 5 courses. By clicking the link, you can download a detailed course outline:

Learn the basics of how to provide information to everyone in your community, regardless of ability

Create a new home for election information online, or make a plan for how to make your existing website more effective. Also, be sure to read about our election website template, which is the basis for the new site you can create. 

Discover how to use election data to the fullest

Get support and guidelines for using one of the helpful tools from the Election Toolkit

Enhance your ability to reach voters where they are, using popular social media platforms

In addition, since we recognize that election officials have different needs, we'll also be glad to work with your election office or state association to create a custom course tailored to your staff and their interests. 

We'd love to talk with you about putting together a professional development course for your staff. Contact us to start the conversation.