Professional development courses for election officials

We launched our first in-person training course in 2013 when we helped Mercer County, WV build their very first election website. Since then, we've traveled from state to state and town to town to help election officials around the country learn new tech skills in order to strengthen their relationship with voters, office holders, and candidates.

We've worked with election administrators from their 20s to their 70s, all of whom want to refine and deepen the impact they can bring to the community they're working with, because they know that their skills pave the way for what others can accomplish.

Would you like to learn about technologies to help you serve the public? Do you have a community engagement goal you want to reach? We can help.

What courses are available?

  1. Social Media for Voter Engagement (90-minute course or 5-hour course)
  2. Improving Your Election Website (90-minute course) or Building a New Election Website (2-3 day course)
  3. Accessible Communication for Election Offices (90-minute course or 5-hour course)
  4. Collecting, Analyzing, and Visualizing Election Data (90-minute course or 5-hour course)

Which format is right for you?

We provide our 90-minute courses online, at conferences, and as an add-on to our 5-hour, in-person courses. These short courses give you a quick overview of the topic.

We provide our 5-hour courses in person at your election office. These longer courses offer an in-depth, tailored experience and allow you to practice new skills with one-on-one support from CTCL instructors.

If you need to create an election website from scratch, we provide our Building a New Election Website course as a 2-3 day course in person at your election office. 

Who are the instructors?

Whitney May first caught the election bug when she joined the Durham County Board of Elections in 2007. She was hired to do a number of things, one of which was recruiting and training hundreds of poll workers. In this position, she quickly learned about putting together training materials that translated complicated election laws into simple instructions that anyone could follow. After working with a nonprofit organization in Washington, DC, she was able to further refine her training skills to deliver engaging, effective, and scalable courses to local government officials.

As an instructor, Whitney’s big goals are to advance your tech and communication skills while connecting you with other election officials who can support your curiosity and growth.

Kurt Sampsel enjoys introducing election administrators to new tools and technologies and then seeing them make an impact on the voting experience. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Kurt has 10 years of experience as a college instructor and communications specialist, and for the last 2 years he's applied his teaching background to supporting election officials. Kurt has given presentations on civic technology at conferences coast to coast, including recent meetings of the Midwest Political Science Association and the International Association of Government Officials.

As an instructor, Kurt likes to set the agenda for thoughtful discussion, promoting cross-talk between election officials to find the best way to overcome challenges and meet your goals. 

What will you get?

All of our courses include:

  • A pre-training tech skills survey to ensure that our training matches your needs and skill level
  • A customized curriculum including instruction, exercises, and hands-on practice
  • A post-training skills survey to measure impact and demonstrate to your colleagues and supervisors what you learned from the course
  • A copy of the training slide deck for you to use as a resource
  • A detailed participant guide for you to reference and use once the training is over

And the 5-hour courses add: 

  • A work block in which you'll practice the skills you've learned by completing a relevant project (designing a social media graphic, creating a data visualization, etc.) with one-on-one support from CTCL instructors
  • Follow-up support from CTCL if you have questions about the material covered or need help days, weeks, or months after the course is over

What's it cost?

5-hour, in-person courses:

  • First course: instructors' travel and lodging expenses + $500
  • Add an additional 5-hour course for $250

90-minute courses: 

  • One course online: $30 per participant
  • One course at a conference, for up to 50 participants: $250
  • One course as an add-on to a 5-hour, in-person course: $100

We also package courses together for reduced pricing.

Is your office on a tight budget? Our professional development programs are supported by grants, and we offer reduced rates for election officials who qualify.

What have participants said?

"I believe the instructors were very knowledgeable. The hands-on training and feedback we received was great." 
    -- County Clerk/Registrar of Voters, Shasta County, CA

“I enjoyed all of the training but really liked the interactive parts and the great humor.”
    -- Board of Elections, Harford County, MD

"We had excellent service and leadership to guide us. Our instructors were helpful, friendly, patient, and knowledgeable." 
    -- County Clerk, Laclede County, MO

Ready to learn? 

We're ready to prepare a course to fit your needs. Click the link below to start the conversation.