CTCL Hosting a Webinar on Automating Voter Address Updates

Voter registration modernization isn’t only (or even mostly) about registering new voters. It’s also about keeping voter rolls up-to-date, improving the accuracy of election data, and saving time for governments and voters. Across the country the voter registration process is being modernized in different ways at motor vehicle agencies and other agencies covered by the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA). And how these different modernizations get implemented continues to be a topic of conversation for election officials, advocates, and policy makers.

Led by Judd Choate, State Election Director in Colorado, and Chris Harvey, State Election Director in Georgia, this webinar will introduce the efficiency, cost-savings, and security advantages of automated voter address updates. We’ll also discuss some state-by-state comparisons on different approaches to implementing automated voter address updates without new legislation.  

Registration is free and all are welcome.

Key topics of the webinar include:

  • Broad strokes mechanisms & nuances of how it works

  • Data flow between agencies and levels of government

  • Advantages of automated voter address updates including efficiency, cost-savings, and security

  • State-by-state comparisons on different approaches