Modern Voter Registration

CTCL Hosting a Webinar on Automatic Voter Registration at Motor Vehicle Agencies

The National Voter Registration Act, also known as “Motor Voter,” requires states to offer voter registration at their motor vehicle agencies. When a state modernizes its voter registration process, changes must be implemented by election offices and by motor vehicle administrators. As more states pass Automatic Voter Registration (AVR) laws, motor vehicle agency administrators need to understand what that means for their work.

The webinar will feature Sandy Jack, Director of Data Management Services with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, and Stephanie Sams, Policy and Legislative Analyst with the Washington Department of Licensing. The discussion will overview the AVR implementation process, its potential pitfalls, and how it can reduce costs and transaction times for motor vehicle agencies.

Key topics of the webinar

  • Why motor vehicle agency administrators should pay attention to AVR implementation 

  • What to expect immediately after bill passage 

  • Potential pitfalls and how to avoid them

  • Benefits in cost & time savings with a successful implementation process

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CTCL Hosting a Webinar on Securing Automatic Voter Registration Data

Modernizing the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) and implementing state Automatic Voter Registration (AVR) laws focuses on the secure and efficient transfer of data from one government agency to another. And the innovation of moving government data electronically rather than by paper presents both new opportunities and new risks.

Led by Noah Praetz, election cybersecurity consultant and former Election Director of Cook County, IL along with Maurice Turner, Senior Technologist at the Center for Democracy and Technology, this webinar will overview election security threats, how to protect voter registration data, and how to design a security system during AVR implementation that mitigates vulnerabilities.

Key topics of the webinar include:

  • Threats to voter data & where vulnerabilities occur

  • Best security practices when designing a data transfer system

  • Making your plan to upgrade technology

Curious about the previous webinars on modernizing voter registration? Check out the collection of webinar recordings on Vimeo.

CTCL Hosting a Webinar on Automatic Voter Registration at Medicaid Agencies

Voter registration modernization isn’t just happening at election offices and motor vehicle departments. Medicaid agencies, which are also covered by the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) and several state Automatic Voter Registration (AVR) laws, are also updating how they manage voter registration data.

Led by Sunila Chilukuri, Senior Research and Policy Associate at State Innovation Exchange, Dan Meuse, State Health Policy Expert at Princeton University, and Pam Wilmot, Executive Director at Common Cause Massachusetts, this webinar will overview the Medicaid application and how it aligns with current NVRA compliance. We’ll also discuss how to assemble an automatic voter registration coalition and task force to address unique Medicaid challenges in your state.

Registration is free and all are welcome.

Key topics of the webinar

  • How the Medicaid application complies with NVRA

  • What systems are in place to verify Medicaid applications

  • An understanding of Medicaid interests and concerns

  • Advantages of creating a state coalition task force to implement automatic voter registration at Medicaid agencies

Curious about the previous webinars on modernizing voter registration? Check out the webinar recordings on Vimeo.

CTCL Hosting a Webinar on Automating Voter Address Updates

Voter registration modernization isn’t only (or even mostly) about registering new voters. It’s also about keeping voter rolls up-to-date, improving the accuracy of election data, and saving time for governments and voters. Across the country the voter registration process is being modernized in different ways at motor vehicle agencies and other agencies covered by the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA). And how these different modernizations get implemented continues to be a topic of conversation for election officials, advocates, and policy makers.

Led by Judd Choate, State Election Director in Colorado, and Chris Harvey, State Election Director in Georgia, this webinar will introduce the efficiency, cost-savings, and security advantages of automated voter address updates. We’ll also discuss some state-by-state comparisons on different approaches to implementing automated voter address updates without new legislation.  

Registration is free and all are welcome.

Key topics of the webinar include:

  • Broad strokes mechanisms & nuances of how it works

  • Data flow between agencies and levels of government

  • Advantages of automated voter address updates including efficiency, cost-savings, and security

  • State-by-state comparisons on different approaches

CTCL Hosting a Webinar on Voter Registration Data Transfer

Modernizing voter registration processes at motor vehicle agencies and other agencies covered by the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) is one of the hottest topics of discussion today among state and local elections officials, state legislators, voter advocacy groups, and now Congress.

Led by Edgardo Cortés, David Franks, and John Lindback, this webinar will look beneath the surface of this hot topic to uncover the data needed to modernize voter registration and how it can be safely and securely transferred from one agency to another. We’ll also discuss the data you’ll need to evaluate the success of modernization projects.

By the end of the webinar, you’ll know more about:

  • What data resides in voter registration, DMV, and Medicaid databases

  • What data is needed to streamline and modernize the voter registration process

  • How data transfers work in modernized systems

  • What constitutes “success” for a new system and the data needed to measure success

CTCL Hosting a Webinar About Testing Voter Registration Modernizations

As an election official, you’ve probably been part of software development projects where you’ve felt like an outsider in the process. Sometimes the people in IT seem to speak a different language when it comes to important details.

In this free webinar, the Center for Technology and Civic Life and our partners at the Center for Civic Design demystify what you need to know about testing electronic data transfer modernizations (and other software projects!). You’ll learn vocabulary and the steps for structuring and monitoring the process, from setting acceptance criteria to testing the user experience.  

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand software and data quality assurance testing

  • Help ensure voter registration data accuracy by taking ownership over the transfer process

  • Plan and coordinate with your agency partners and the tech team to meet your acceptance criteria

  • Know when and how to contribute your election expertise

  • Use scenarios – small stories – to test the software and the data, and there’s even a formula for writing them

CTCL Hosting a Webinar About Voter Registration Modernization

Like many government services, voter registration has been streamlined in recent years. Advances in technology have made registering voters faster, simpler, more convenient, and less expensive – all while helping to include more eligible citizens and improve the accuracy of voter records.

Voter registration modernizations like updated Motor Voter programs, electronic transfer of voter registration data from the Department of Motor Vehicles, and automatic voter registration (AVR) are examples of some of the popular new ways of registering voters.

But as these voter registration policies are passed at the state level, local election officials need to understand how their work will change as a result. Equipped with best practices from the field, local offices can be better prepared to adapt to new registration processes.

Are you curious about how an updated voter registration process might impact the work of local election officials? The Center for Technology and Civic Life and the Center for Civic Design invite you to attend a free webinar that will provide you with background on different kinds of voter registration modernizations as well as insights and lessons learned from across the country.


Guidelines on Voter Registration Modernization for Local Election Offices webinar, presented by the Center for Technology and Civic Life and the Center for Civic Design


Thursday, September 27
12:00pm - 1:00pm Central Time

Learn more about the findings we share in the webinar by exploring the newest tool in the Election Toolkit, the Voter Registration Modernization Guide.

And if you are interested in some of the research for this project, read how CTCL brought together election officials and other experts in May 2018 to discuss voter registration modernization.

CTCL Brings Together Election Officials and Other Experts to Discuss Voter Registration Modernization

Twelve states and the District of Columbia have already approved automatic voter registration, and 20 states have introduced automatic registration proposals in 2018, according to the Brennan Center for Justice.

But how do these new voter registration modernization policies impact the workload and processes of local election officials?

To answer this question, CTCL brought together local election officials and other experts for a 1-day workshop in Chicago on May 11. The workshop was facilitated by the Center for Civic Design.

The goal of the workshop was to develop a set of lessons learned for local election officials tackling the effects of voter registration modernization, taking into account different perspectives in various policy frameworks.

To help us draft our lessons learned, we listened to state case studies and discussions about the areas of election administration that voter registration affects. We recognized that every state's implementation is at a different point, but there's something to learn from everyone's unique experience and perspective.

Participants came from Colorado, Illinois, Rhode Island, Virginia, Vermont, and California. They included:

·    State and local election officials

·    A DMV administrator

·    Advocates and researchers

We kicked off the workshop by jumping into research about the success of voter registration modernization in places like Colorado and Virginia.

Then the heart of the workshop was built around state case studies, group discussion questions, and of course, lots of sticky notes!

Workshop attendees view a wall of sticky notes before voting.

Workshop attendees view a wall of sticky notes before voting.

By the end of the day, these colorful sticky notes were organized on the wall and voted on by attendees. This exercise allowed us to zoom in on the top issues for election officials who are responsible for implementing new voter registration policies.

One of the lessons learned from the workshop focused on having good relationships between election offices and DMV offices.

Norelys Consuegra, Deputy Director of Elections with the Rhode Island Secretary of State, called attention to the importance of partnerships when managing new voter registration processes. She said, “Our goal is for people to really care about elections. We have a great working relationship with the DMV. That’s a big part of AVR.”

Another key lesson was the challenge of communicating the new policy to different audiences like legislators, advocates, and voters.

Overall, the group expressed a positive experience with voter registration modernization -- it saves local election offices and the DMV time and money.

For next steps, CTCL will be collecting additional data from election officials and DMV administrators. We’ll use the lessons learned from the workshop and additional site visits to produce 2 webinars and a tool in the Election Toolkit later this summer. These free resources on best practices will benefit local election officials who are rolling out an update to their voter registration process.

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