CTCL’s Executive Director Included Among World’s 100 Most Influential People in Digital Government

Tiana Epps-Johnson, executive director at the Center for Technology and Civic Life, is honored to be included among the impressive group of international leaders.

CTCL executive director, Tiana Epps-Johnson

CTCL executive director, Tiana Epps-Johnson

The Apolitical 100 Most Influential People in Digital Government for 2019 is a list of global public servants from all levels of government along with those from the private sector, nonprofits, and academia.

“We’ve seen growing momentum around digital to solve policy issues and design better services for citizens around the world,” says Apolitical’s Executive Chairman Lisa Witter. “As this burgeoning field continues to grow, so too does the breadth of people and perspectives driving change. This list celebrates the people behind this tremendous progress.”

Apolitical and the Center for Technology & Civic Life both believe that government plays a critical role in solving our hardest challenges. With this in mind, CTCL helps election officials adopt the tools and skills necessary to meet the changing needs of today’s public while also making sure voters can find basic civic information without jumping through hoops.

Based in London, Apolitical “is the global peer-to-peer platform for government. They connect policymakers to the solutions, people, and partners they need to tackle increasingly complex and fast-moving problems”.

Their mission is to make government smarter to solve the world’s hardest challenges.