Job: Operations Manager - Application Closed

Position: Operations Manager
Benefits: Vision, Dental, & Medical Insurance and Cell Phone Reimbursement
Location: Strong preference for Chicago, IL although remote locations may be considered
Type: Full Time
Salary: $60,000 - $70,000
Start Date: January 2018

Position Description

The Operations Manager will be responsible for leading our operational, financial, and administrative functions; overseeing and maintaining a set of internal functions that make it easier for us to hit our goals and for staff to thrive; and serving as the primary go-to for organizational problem solving. This position will report directly to the Executive Director.


Lead our operational, financial, and administrative functions

  • Lead all administrative and operations activities to ensure smooth day-to-day functioning.

  • Oversee human resource activities, including payroll processing and benefits management.

  • Perform day-to-day financial management, including: processing cash receipts; paying invoices, coding expenses and reimbursements; and closing monthly books with accountant.

  • Manage contract accountant, independent auditors, and banking relationships. Lead our annual audit.

  • Ensure we are in full legal compliance by maintaining an open line with our lawyers and proactively looking for and flagging potential trouble spots.

  • Manage supplies and equipment.

  • Provide support to the Executive Director in management of vendor relationships, contracts, and records.

Ensure organizational effectiveness

  • Coordinate annual review process.

  • Play a key role in developing agendas for our two annual staff meetings.

  • Coordinate logistics and materials for staff meetings, board meetings, annual convenings or conferences led by the civic data and government services teams, and other events as needed.

  • Serve as the hub of our talent needs by coordinating searches and helping hiring managers identify and recruit great people to join our team.

  • Institutionalize onboarding and off-boarding best practices and materials.

  • Create and maintain various management documents, including our employee manual, job descriptions, training plans, and organizational chart.

  • Support the Executive Director in developing internal processes and driving culture shifts as we grow and mature as an organization.

Serve as the go-to for organizational problem solving

  • Proactively spot and resolve ad hoc challenges that arise.

  • Serve as a thought-partner to our Executive Director and senior leadership team in identifying and resolving organizational or individual challenges as they arise.

  • Identify additional ways in which we could improve and take on other responsibilities as we grow.

Desired Qualifications

A successful candidate for the Operations Manager position will have a comprehensive understanding of our mission and demonstrate a proven track record of success. In addition, while no candidate will possess every quality, the successful candidate will possess many of the following qualifications and personal attributes. Even if you aren’t sure but are excited about the position, we encourage you to apply! 

  • Solutions-oriented: You proactively develop solutions to challenges and push to get past roadblocks.

  • Ownership and hustle: You care deeply about getting results, and you do what it takes to get them, including, anticipating problems, offering creative solutions, driving work forward, and course-correcting when needed.

  • Strong attention to detail: You pay close attention to detail and ensure that any task or work product - big or small - is thorough and accurate.

  • Inclusive: You connect with people from all kinds of backgrounds and make sure everyone feels like they belong here.

  • Strong customer service orientation: You make it easier for staff to do their own jobs. You view your work as supporting the whole by helping to make their lives as easy and straightforward as possible

  • Integrity: You can be trusted with confidential organizational and staff information.

About CTCL

CTCL is a non-partisan, non-profit that uses technology to improve the way local governments and communities interact. We do this by providing free and low-cost resources for local election administrators so they can update the ways they use technology to communicate with voters. We also do this by publishing free, open-source civic datasets that are used in some of the most powerful tools that drive civic participation. 

To date, we’ve built a knowledge network of hundreds of local election administrators through a program we call ELECTricity. And we have published civic datasets that answer questions like 'What’s on my ballot?' and 'Who represents me?', which have been accessed over 200 million times.

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To Apply

Applications will be accepted and interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis. To apply:

  1. Submit a short application at and email your resume to

  2. People who demonstrate that they are qualified in their application materials will have the opportunity to complete a test.

  3. People who perform well on the test will be asked to participate in an interview(s).

  4. Based on the application, test results, interviews, and reference checks, one person will be selected for the position.

The Center for Technology and Civic Life is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. We encourage people of all races, colors, religions, national origins, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, sexes, ages, abilities, branches of military service, and political party affiliations to apply.