Find what's on your ballot with Google & the Ballot Information Project

Research shows that the question most asked by voters is "What's on my ballot?" Now, thanks to CTCL's Ballot Information Project, the answer to that question is just a Google search away!

Last week, Google rolled out BIP's ballot information in its search tool. This tool, which also includes information about where and how to vote in each state, appears automatically when a user searches any voting-related term. Voters are prompted to enter their address, and in return they get a set of national, state, and local candidates that will be on their ballot, along with easy links to learn more about those candidates. 


The Ballot Information Project has been supporting Google's election products since 2012. This year's dataset is the most comprehensive we've ever collected, and we are excited to be able to serve so many voters with this partnership.

Stay tuned for more news about how the Ballot Information Project's data is being used in 2016!