In-person training

A tailored experience for your jurisdiction


We are offering in-person training where you will learn how to build and maintain an election website. By the completion of the training, you will have a proven election website with a modern look and feel.

The training will be tailored to the needs of your election office. Our in-person trainings generally span 2-3 days. The training will be during regular business hours. 

Training includes:

  • Website assessment
  • Up to 3 days working with you at your office
  • Guidelines and recommendations
  • Website creation or website update
  • Website user guide and modernization playbook
  • Training materials
  • Press release template
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Ongoing check-ins with CTCL

Contact Whitney at or call (919) 799-6173 to schedule your in-person training.

*The Center for Technology and Civic Life believes that every election official who is committed to advancing their skills to improve their jurisdiction should have the opportunities to do so. 

We recognize that not all local election offices have the funding to invest in professional development for their staff. That’s why we offer reduced rates for local election officials who qualify. If you need financial assistance for CTCL trainings, please complete our scholarship application.