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Post-Election Audits 201: Advancing Post-Election Audits | CTCL Online Series

The Center for Technology and Civic Life is partnering with the Center for Democracy and Technology and Jennifer Morrell to deliver a new post-election audit training series. The series will include 3 online courses that will cover traditional post-election audits as well as the emerging methods of risk-limiting audits.

Post-election audits give your election office and your community confidence in the outcome of an election by detecting and correcting errors, improving processes, and deterring fraud. Whether you conduct traditional audits, risk-limiting audits which are recommended by the Presidential Commission on Election Administration (PCEA), or none at all, this series will set you on a path to boost public trust in your elections.

In the 201 course, you'll learn why risk-limiting audits are the emerging standard, what steps your office can take to advance your post-election audit procedures, and how to inform your community about post-election audits.