Along with our project partners, CTCL launched ElectionTools.org in summer 2016. 

A collection of free and low-cost tech tools to help election officials engage their communities and improve how elections are run, the site includes tools like an election website template, a free app to estimate voter wait times, and a collection of civic icons.

Each tool comes with instructions to make it usable by any election official, regardless of their technical ability. 

The ElectionTools.org home page

The ElectionTools.org home page

You’re invited to visit www.electiontools.org, share the website with all the election officials in your network, and recommend a tool to add to the collection.

You can keep up with ElectionTools.org by signing up for CTCL’s ELECTricity newsletter.

ElectionTools.org has been built by the Center for Technology and Civic Life in partnership with the Center for Civic Design, the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections, the Inyo County Clerk-Recorder-Registrar, and the Suburban Cook County Clerk.