Why Civic Data?

People look for information about their daily life online, and government data is no exception. 

But what if a local government doesn’t have a website? What if a voter doesn’t know which government website would have the answer to their question?

That's where we come in.

We want to make sure that all Americans can find basic information about voting and representation online. That’s why we create standardized datasets of localized information, aggregated nationwide, and make them available in open-source formats that can then be used to build tools that reach millions of people. This allows people whose governments have limited online presences to find information that otherwise wouldn’t have been available to them, and allows all people to find this information on the websites that they already use look to for answers.

Since 2012, our datasets have been used to power tools made by everyone from Google and Bing to local civic engagement organizations and academic researchers. Through these partnerships our data has been accessed over 200 million times.

Our datasets are:

  • Tied to political geographies through addresses, so that users get only the information that is relevant to them

  • Interoperable with other datasets, through our use of Open Civic Data Identifiers

  • Constantly maintained and dynamically updated through the Google Civic Information API

  • Always free and open source

Want to learn more?

Check out what's available in our datasets that answer:


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