The Local Office Function Index (coming soon!) - FAQs

What is the Local Office Function Index?

The Local Office Function Index (LOFI) is a standardized, nationwide dataset of what your elected officials are responsible for and how you can engage with them.

What information will be included in the LOFI dataset?

Initially, LOFI will focus on on providing plain language description of what state and local elected offices across the country are responsible for, as well as providing links to information about the office and its services that exist online. Eventually, this dataset will expand to include information around meeting schedules, agendas, and minutes, as well as other avenues for connecting with local government.

Great, but how can LOFI help me?

If your neighborhood is having an issue with potholes in the roads, who are you going to call? LOFI will help connect you to government so that you can engage on the issues you care about. We'll help you get in contact with the public works commission to fill those potholes - even if you didn't know it existed! LOFI will also make it easier to keep up with local government actions that affect you - whether that's alerting you when your city council is discussing expanding bike lanes in your neighborhood or letting you know how you can register to speak in favor of expanding after school programs in your district. LOFI will make sure that you'll know when you need to interact with government, and that you'll be going to the right place.

How will this information be related to CTCL’s other datasets?

The LOFI dataset will be similar in scope and fully interoperable with the Ballot Information Project and Governance Project datasets. This means that voters can see what the candidates on their ballot will be responsible for if elected, and communities can be directed to the right government official when they have an issue that can be addressed by their elected officials.

How can I stay up to date on the LOFI dataset?

For updates on the LOFI dataset, as well as all of our other civic data programs, you can sign up for our Civic Data mailing list at the link below. If you have specific questions, please contact

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