We collect the answers to important civic questions.

Then we turn that information into standardized, usable data. Since 2012 CTCL data has been accessed over 200 million times.

What is civic data?

We make sure that basic information about representation and voting can be found online. By turning this civic information into civic data, we allow this information to be found in the places people are already looking for answers. Civic data amplifies the reach of local government and helps to ensure that all people can find what they need to become more civically engaged. Learn more about our civic data program >>

Our datasets

Who is on my ballot?

This is the number one question that voters look for answers to online. The Ballot Information Project aggregates and standardizes candidate & referenda information for federal, state, and local offices nationwide for major elections. Learn more about the Ballot Information Project >>

Who represents me?

We make it easy to connect communities with the people who represent them in government. The Governance Project provides a standardized dataset of federal, state, and local elected officials nationwide. Learn more about the Governance Project >>

What do my elected officials do?

Knowing what local government does is the first step to becoming more civically engaged. Coming soon, the Local Office Function Index will answer this question for elected offices across the country. Learn more about the Local Office Function Index >>


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