Adam Ambrogi - Program Director, Elections - Democracy Fund

Adam Ambrogi is the Director of the Elections Program at the Democracy Fund, a bipartisan foundation working to ensure that our political system is able to withstand new challenges and deliver on its promise to the American people. Focusing on modern elections and the role of money in politics, Adam leads the Democracy Fund’s mission to invest in organizations working to ensure that the views and votes of citizens come first in our democracy. Current grantees of the Elections Program include Pew’s Election Initiatives, TurboVote, MIT’s Voting Technology Project, the Piper Fund’s Communications Collaborative, Fund for the Republic, Demos, and Cato’s Deepbills Project. Adam previously worked as Chief Counsel for the US Senate Committee on Rules and Administration, addressing a wide range of issues related to election law, campaign finance, and legal matters facing the administration of the Senate. Adam was the lead staffer for the Rules Committee on passage of the Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act, the DISCLOSE Act of 2012, and led the Committee’s legal team in examining and making changes to the Senate Rules related to the filibuster.

Aidan Kestigian - Program Manager - Metric Geometry & Gerrymandering Group

Aidan Kestigian is the program manager for the Metric Geometry & Gerrymandering Group, managing the group’s research, civic, and fundraising initiatives. Prior to working for MGGG, Aidan earned a PhD in Logic, Computation, and Methodology at Carnegie Mellon University. She maintains active research interests in voting theory and social & political philosophy.

Aleeda Crawley - Partnership Director - e.thePeople/League of Women Voters

e.thePeople has been providing voter education technology to partners since 1998. We work with a variety of partners, helping them build robust, easy to use voter guides.

Alicja Duda - Civic Data Research Manager - CTCL

Alicja Duda is a Civic Data Research Manager at the Center for Technology and Civic Life, where she works with the Civic Data team to develop and maintain high-quality data about elected officials and ballot information. Alicja brings more than five years of civic engagement experience, including her direct work with immigrant communities in Florida and D.C. and her program management background in higher education, where she fostered meaningful partnerships between community members and college students. Alicja holds an MA in Ethics, Peace, and Global Affairs from the American University School of International Service and a BA in Political Science from Stetson University. In her free time, you can find Alicja hiking with the Washington Women Outdoors group or in line at a food truck.

Andrew Chien - Software - Facebook

I'm software engineer at Facebook. I've been working in civic data team for the last 6 months, dealing with storage of election data. Before that, I worked on photos and privacy at Facebook.

Ben Hovland - Commissioner - Election Assistance Commission

Benjamin Hovland was nominated by President Donald J. Trump and confirmed by unanimous consent of the United States Senate on January 2, 2019 to serve on the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC).

Previously, Commissioner Hovland served as an election attorney for the U.S. Senate Committee on Rules and Administration. He has been involved with elections since 2000. Much of this time has been focused on improving access to registration and voting.

Hovland serves as the Designated Federal Officer for the Technical Guidelines Development Committee (opens in new tab)(TGDC).

Mr. Hovland’s career has most recently focused on the federal government’s role in election administration and campaign finance regulation. Additionally, as the Deputy General Counsel for the Missouri Secretary of State's office, he focused on legal issues related to the administration of state and federal elections, including recounts, poll worker training, voter registration list maintenance, statewide database matching, voter education resources and ballot initiative litigation.

Bryan Kauder - Technical Program Manager (Global Civic Data Program) - Facebook

My background is as a data scientist, having consulted on criminal justice, healthcare, and finance sectors before joining Facebook as a Technical Program Manager to work on consumer research, and now to focus on our global civic data program. I am currently learning as much as I can about the civic data space, including how Facebook can contribute to providing ballot information to voters, use ballot data to keep our communities more secure and safe, and meaningfully contribute to the open civic data community.

Dale McGrew - We Vote

Daniel Newman - President & Co-Founder - MapLight

Daniel was named one of Fast Company's 100 Most Creative People in Business in 2010 for his work at MapLight. Prior to co-founding MapLight, he founded Say I Can, a speech recognition software firm, and he is the author of three books on speech recognition software. Daniel received an M.A. degree in Psychology from the University of California at Berkeley, where he attended on a National Science Foundation Fellowship, and a B.A. degree in Biomedical Ethics from Brown University. He was a 2011-13 Network Fellow at the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University. He lives in Berkeley, California.

Dave Leichtman - Director, Strategic Projects - Microsoft Defending Democracy Program

DAVE LEICHTMAN is Director of Strategic Projects for Microsoft’s Defending Democracy Program. He assists political campaigns and committees, their technology partners, and elections practitioners both domestic and international on how to best leverage technology and security practices in their work. Previously, Dave was Vice President of a large nonprofit tech company, Salsa Labs. Before that, he started both the Training and Analytics practices at Blue State Digital and served as the company’s liaison to the Obama Campaign in 2008. Dave is a recognized thought leader in the Democratic tech ecosystem and serves as the elected Vice Chair for Technology of the Democratic Party of Virginia. He holds a BS in physics, computer science, and math from William & Mary, and an MS in physics from the University of Washington.

Derek Willis - Co-founder - OpenElections

Derek Willis is a co-founder of OpenElections, a project to collect and publish election results from all 50 states. In his day job, he is a news applications developer at ProPublica, focusing on politics and elections.

Donny Bridges - Director of Civic Data - CTCL

Donny Bridges is Co-founder and Director of Civic Data at the Center for Technology and Civic Life. Prior to joining CTCL, Donny was the Election Administration Research Director at the New Organizing Institute, where he developed his obsession with local government and its data. Donny holds BAs in Political Science and Philosophy from Stanford University. When he's not tracking down wayward pieces of civic information, you can find Donny running marathons, climbing mountains, and lying in his "about me" sections.

Franklin Smith - Democracy Works

Freddie Salas - Democracy Fund

Greg Schneider - Innovation and Technology Director - National Institute of Money in Politics

Greg Schneider has been leading the technology and data innovation at the National Institute on Money in Politics for the last five years. Prior to working with the Institute, Greg spent four years doing strategic planning and fixing broken projects for the Montana Department of Revenue and twelve years working Data Engineering and Project Management in the private health insurance industry. Greg has lived his whole life in Montana, is an avid outdoorsman and ecstatic that his geeky hobby of Dungeons & Dragons gets more and more popular each year.

Henry Chan - Research Manager - CTCL

Henry B. Chan is a Civic Data Research Manager at the Center for Technology and Civic Life, where he works on the civic data team. He joined CTCL as a Research Fellow in the summer of 2016 and was hired on as an Associate the following year.He graduated with a BA in Political Science from New York University and was born and raised on the island of Saipan, the capital of the Northern Mariana Islands. When he’s not tracking down candidates on the Internet, Henry plays a lot of Civilization and reads too much about elections.

Indra Arriaga - Elections Language Assistant Compliance Manager - State of Alaska Division of Elections

Indra Arriaga serves as the State of Alaska Division of Elections Language Assistance Compliance Manager. The position was created as a result of the Toyukak v Mallot Settlement Agreement. Arriaga’s task is to ensure that the settlement requirements are met by working with Alaska Native language speakers, elders, and linguists to create election materials and develop terminology in the respective languages. Under Arriaga’s direction the program has expanded and is more robust than ever; it provides varying degrees of support to 14 languages and dialects. Arriaga holds a BA and MA in Political Science from St. Mary’s University in Texas. Arriaga has worked in finance, management consulting, and research and analysis.

James Turk - Principal Developer - Princeton Gerrymandering Project

James got his start in this space while at Sunlight from 2007-2015. In his role there he founded the Open States, a project that collects legislative information for all 50 state legislatures. He also led the team tasked with creating the Open Civic Data specification in 2013. Since 2016 he has led Open States as an independent project. In 2019 he joined the Princeton Gerrymandering Project and is leading their effort to collect precinct geographies for all 50 states and match them to their corresponding election results and census blocks.

Jeanette Senecal - Senior Director, Mission Impact - League of Women Voters

Jeanette M. Senecal is the Senior Director of Mission Impact for the League of Women Voters. Jeanette joined the League in 1999 as part of the e-Democracy team to development DemocracyNet, a first-of-its-kind voter information website from the League that helped alter how voters interacted with candidates, campaigns and democracy. Jeanette’s tireless work with the over 500 DemocracyNet employees and volunteers nationwide provided the lessons and a roadmap for her to launch the League’s website in 2006. A key part of the League’s voter engagement and education work, VOTE411 reached over 5 million voters in 2018. Jeanette also leads the League’s efforts on issues such reforming and modernizing election laws and expanding civic engagement and empowerment opportunities for all voters. Much of Jeanette’s expertise focuses on helping Leagues and volunteers innovate and engage with voters both online and offline and providing ongoing strategic guidance to Leagues and partners alike.

Joanna Francescut - Shasta County, CA

John Yuda - Web Operations Director - (GSA)

John Yuda is the Web Operations Director for USAgov and the lead for He's worn developer and designer hats at various points in his career, but these days he's more of a manager.

Justin Moore - Software Engineer - Google

Justin Moore is a software engineer on the Civics team in Google Search. He works with governments, media companies, nonprofits, and NGOs to make Civics information universally accessible and useful.

Leslie Graves - CEO - Ballotpedia

Leslie Graves is the CEO of She lives outside of Spring Green, Wisconsin, and adjacent to Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin. Her grandparents were FLLW's farm manager. Her uncle was impressed into service when he was 16 as a waiter at a Taliesin dinner when Ayn Rand was visiting. She entered the dining room with a lit cigarette which caused FLLW's wife to order her uncle not to serve Ms. Rand. Her uncle fled. So Twitterable, and yet there was no Twitter.

Margaret Koenig - Database Specialist & Geospatial Data Acquisition Project Director - Ballotpedia

Over the last five years, Margaret Koenig has worked with Ballotpedia to create the online encyclopedia of American politics. Her roles have spanned work in GIS mapping, database management, staff tech training, editorial management, and content creation. Prior to to her time with Ballotpedia, Margaret worked in political organizing and with nonprofit activist groups. She earned a B.A. in philosophy at Augustana University in Sioux Falls, S.D. Margaret is currently a part-time student at in St. John's College's master's in liberal arts program in Santa Fe, N.M.

Maurice Turner - Senior Technologist - Center for Democracy & Technology

Maurice Turner is Senior Technologist at the Center for Democracy & Technology, where he focuses on the Election Security and Privacy Project identifying and updating election cybersecurity practices and infrastructure. He most recently served as a TechCongress Congressional Innovation Fellow assigned to the U.S. Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, where he shaped policy and oversaw the preparation of memos, briefings, and hearings on federal IT systems and cybersecurity. He has also played an active role in local elections in CA and VA, holding progressively responsible positions from clerk to lead inspector overseeing multiple precincts. Turner holds an MA in Public Administration from USC, and a Certificate in Cybersecurity Strategy from Georgetown University.

Melissa Wyatt - Civic Technology Program Manager - Rock the Vote

Melissa leads the continued development and distribution of Rock the Vote’s online civic tech resources, including its online voter registration platform.

Molly Schar - Executive Director - National States Geographic Information Council

Molly Schar is the executive director of the National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC), which exists to advance effective state-led geospatial coordination for the nation. Calling on nearly two decades of experience in nonprofit management, growth, and impact, Molly fosters coordination and collaboration with volunteer leaders, state and federal members, organizational partners, and other stakeholders across the geospatial space.

Norelys Consuegra - Deputy Director of Elections - Rhode Island

Phil Ashlock - Director, Data & Analytics Portfolio, GSA TTS - US General Services Administration/

Phil leads the Data & Analytics portfolio at the GSA Technology Transformation Service and serves as the Chief Architect for At, he oversees an open development process and a federated architecture supporting open data and APIs across government. He also helps coordinate a variety of data standardization efforts and is leading a new project called the U.S. Data Federation to provide more support and capacity building for data standards efforts across government including a suite of reusable tools and a framework to document and leverage repeatable processes. Previously, he served as a Presidential Innovation Fellow working with the GSA and the White House Office of Digital Strategy.

Richard Simões - Software Developer - CTCL

Richard Simões is a Software Developer at the Center for Technology and Civic Life. Prior to joining CTCL, he spent several years as a software and database developer in the web hosting industry. He has a BA in Philosophy from Texas State University, where he focused in logic and philosophy of science. Richard’s academic interest in logic and time spent in industry has led him to develop a fondness for relational data modeling, and he is pleased at how much civic data there is to structure, store, and analyze at CTCL.

Ricky Hatch - Clerk/Auditor - Weber County

Ricky's been the elected Clerk/Auditor for Weber County, UT, population 255K for 8 years. He's over all things elections, as well as the county budget, accounting, purchasing, and other clerk functions. Prior to that he was a CPA, schoolteacher, and entrepreneur. He's involved with elections cybersecurity, and federal elections-related legislation. He loves to hike, read, rough house with his dogs and grandkids, and take long winter (and summer) naps.

Sarah Berlin - Data Manager, Voting Information Project - Democracy Works

Sarah Berlin is the Data Manager at the Voting Information Project (VIP), where she works with state and local election administrators to publish election information in VIP's tools. She has worked in civic technology since 2014, first at the New Organizing Institute, and then at the Center for Technology and Civic Life.

Stacy Henderson - Product Specialist - Cicero

Stacy is the Cicero Product Specialist at Azavea. A 2018 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Social Policy and Practice, she earned a Master of Science in Social Policy. Previously she served as a research analyst at the Center for High Impact Philanthropy, studying how donors can invest in strengthening democracy. Stacy also spent three years working for a non-profit organization building community and empowering youth in rural Arkansas. A Philadelphia transplant by way of Texas and Arkansas, Stacy can usually be found waxing poetic about the Philadelphia food scene, making lists of all the must-see TV she’ll never get around to watching, and exploring the city with her pup.

Tammy Patrick - Sr Advisor - Democracy Fund

Tammy Patrick is a Senior Advisor to the Elections program at the Democracy Fund. Focusing on modern elections, Tammy helps lead the Democracy Fund’s efforts to foster a voter-centric elections system and work to provide election officials across the country with the tools and knowledge they need to best serve their voters. In 2013 she was selected by President Obama to serve as a Commissioner on the Presidential Commission on Election Administration which led to a position at the Bipartisan Policy Center to further the work of the PCEA. Prior to that she was the Federal Compliance Officer for Maricopa County Elections Department for eleven years, Tammy was tasked with serving more than 2 million registered voters in the greater Phoenix Valley. She collaborates with community and political organizations to create a productive working relationship with the goal of voter participation and efficient election administration. She serves as an adjunct professor at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Policy and provides litigative subject matter expertise for the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division, Disability Rights Section.

Tiana Epps-Johnson - Executive Director - Center for Technology and Civic Life

Tiana Epps-Johnson works to make the US election system more modern, inclusive, and secure. As the Founder and Executive Director at the Center for Technology and Civic Life, she leads a team that provides resources and training to support local election officials in modernizing the ways they communicate with voters and administer elections. Her team also publishes free, open-source civic datasets that have been accessed over 200 million times through some of the most powerful tools that drive civic participation.

Tim Tsujii - Director of Elections - Forsyth County Board of Elections

Tim Tsujii is the Director of Elections for the Forsyth County Board of Elections in North Carolina. He serves on the advisory committee for the Center for Technology and Civic Life and was involved with the project. His office was recently recognized by the North Carolina Center for Geographic Information Analysis for the implementation of a polling place wait time tracking application in the 2016 general election.

Walker McKusick - National Director - Vote Smart

Walker McKusick is the National Director of Vote Smart, a nonpartisan organization with a mission to provide free, factual, and unbiased information on candidates and elected officials to all Americans. He is originally from Charlottesville, Virginia, where he graduated from the University of Virginia with degrees in History and Economics. While at U.Va., Walker was an Echols Scholar and a recipient of a Harrison Undergraduate Research Award. After graduation, he taught History and American Politics in England for a year as a U.K. Teaching and Resident Fellow. He joined Vote Smart in 2015. At Vote Smart, Walker is responsible for day-to-day oversight of all Vote Smart research programs, educational tools, staff, and administration.

Whitney May - Director of Government Services - CTCL

Whitney May is Co-founder and Director of Government Services at the Center for Technology and Civic Life. At CTCL she leads a team that’s building the best professional development network for election officials who want to learn about new ways to engage the public and keep up with changing technology. Before joining CTCL in Chicago, Whitney worked on the Voting Information Project in Washington, D.C. and served the Durham County Board of Elections in North Carolina.

Whitney Quesenbery - Co-Director - Center for Civic Design

As the co-director for the Center for Civic Design, Whitney is passionate about improving the election – and voter - experience. Fifteen years after her appointment to the EAC’s federal advisory committee writing national voting system guidelines she is proud of the Center’s work to introduce best practices for election design across the country through the Field Guides To Ensuring Voter Intent. Their work on the plain language version of the California Voter Bill of Rights, usable vote-by-mail envelopes, and modernizing voter registration has made it easier for people across the country to vote.

Yiaway Yeh - Google