2018 Ballot Data Convening Organizations' Ballot Use

This information comes directly from organizations' responses to the 2018 Ballot Data Convening Pre-Survey. This page will be updated to include additional information and updates as they become available. To view archived information about 2016 Ballot Data Convening attendees, it can be found here

Question: Please briefly describe what your organization does and how it uses ballot data.


Azavea is a geospatial software company that maintains Cicero, a database of legislative district, election, and elected official data at the National, State, and some local levels in the US.


Ballotpedia is the encyclopedia of American politics and covers all types of elections across the U.S., from candidate filings to election results, and much of the news in-between. We are making some of our data available via API, as well.


BallotReady creates voter guides to the entire ballot.

Center for Technology and Civic Life

CTCL collects and standardizes ballot information nationwide and to the hyper local level. We then match that information to political geography. We make this data available to tech companies and civic engagement organizations to power voter information tools.

Democracy Fund

We fund organizations who collect this data and make it available to voters and civic organizations.

Democracy Works

We collect official election information, including polling location, election administration, and ballot data, which we publish in our embeddable tools and through the Google Civic API.




We build experiences to help make electoral, governmental, and civic information more accessible on Google Search and other surfaces. In previous elections, we’ve used ballot data from partners to power features that allow users to enter their address, then see who’s on their ballot for national, state, and some local level contests, as well as explore those candidates' positions and stances.

League of Women Voters



Published a nonpartisan voter guide, Voter's Edge.


In Federal years, we have partnered with ballot data groups to show ballot data on Bing search.

MIT Election Data and Science Lab (MEDSL)

We use (or could) use ballot data in all the ways that political scientists uses data to study elections. Further, MEDSL is a data clearing house, so we could be in a position to point academics and other researchers to the availability of ballot data as it emerges.

National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC)

NSGIC promotes the efficient development and management of location-based information resources, and advocates for innovative, strategic use of these assets to advance the interests of states, tribes, regions, local governments and the nation. In October, NSGIC launched the Geo-Enabled Elections (GEE) project underwritten by the Democracy Fund Voice. The GEE project will facilitate the adoption of GIS and related processes to enhance elections management and citizen management. Leadership is in the beginning stages of determining data required for successful project completion.

Open States

Collects state legislative data, also maintains Open Civic Data identifiers.

Robert R. McCormick Foundation

The McCormick Foundation's Democracy Program Institutional Reform activities support nonprofit partners who are increasing accessibility, representation, and responsiveness in our democratic institutions.

Rock the Vote

Rock the Vote is a national nonpartisan, nonprofit organization focused on building the political power of young people. We build targeted resources for young voters across the country to them prepare to vote, including basic ballot information and voter guides.

Rockefeller Brothers Fund


Run For Office

We help people understand: 1) What they can run for 2) How to get on the ballot as candidates. This information can also be used to inform voters what will be on their ballots.

The Turnout, LLC

We work with state and local elections offices to provide them custom solutions for their voter facing tools. In addition, we use Google’s Civic Information API for various civic engagement projects.

US Vote Foundation

We feed ballot data into our emergency ballot for overseas voters and we use it in our candidate finder tool.

Vote Smart

Vote Smart's mission is to provide free, factual, unbiased information on candidates and elected officials to ALL Americans.

We aim to accomplish this by methods including:
- Providing data in six key areas on candidates (among other ballot resources): biographical information, voting records, issue positions, special interest group ratings/endorsements, public statements, and campaign finances;
- Upholding the highest standards of accuracy, balance, and integrity of any information gathered or shared;
- Maintaining strict non-partisanship in both our data and programs, through a review and approval process established and conducted by our Founding Board, which must remain balanced across the political spectrum;
- Using all available public information channels (i.e., electronic, telephone, print, media, public libraries) to disseminate the information gathered.

Vote.gov / USA.gov / US General Services Administration

We aggregate state election information in one place.

We Vote

We Vote is a nationwide digital ballot and voter guide tool, that lets organizations and voters share opinions with each other about what is on their ballot.